Reilly Orthopaedic Surgery provides general orthopaedic services, while specialising in the below procedures.

Knee Surgery - common types of Knee operations that Dr Reilly performs include

  • Knee Arthoscopy & Meniscal Surgery
  • Knee Ligamentous Reconstruction
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Osteotomies

Hip Surgery - common types of Hip operations that Dr Reilly performs include

  •  Total Hip Replacement
  • Surgery for Fractured Hips

Foot & Ankle Surgery - common types of Foot & Ankle operations that Dr Reilly performs include

  • Bunion Surgery
  •  Surgery for Arthritis & other deformities
  • Ankle Arthoscopy & Stabilisation

Trauma - Dr Reilly performs Lower Limb Fracture surgery for Trauma

Dr Reilly operates out of Peninsula Private Hospital which is conveniently located to the consulting suites at Mon Komo. Peninsula Private Hospital ( ) is located at George & Florence St’s, Kippa-Ring.

Also easily accessible are local X-Ray, Pathology & MRI providers to assist patients with their services.


If there is a need to have surgery from your consultations, the surgery is performed at Peninsula Private Hospital. (  

The type of operation involved will determine the length of your stay in hospital, and also how many times you may have to come back for a follow up consultation. Our aim at Reilly Orthopaedic Surgery is to provide quality patient care from beginning to end of your time with us.

Prior to surgery you will be given a Pre-Operative Pack that contains information about the procedure you are about to have, and also the things to do prior to going into hospital if relevant.  Similarly, after any operation, you will be provided with a Post-Operative information pack about things that are relevant to your procedure.

Some examples of this information is provided below on two types of common operations. If for some reason you have not received this information for your operation, please contact our reception staff.

At the time of booking your operation it is also important to have a Post Op consultation booked in which staff will advise you on when this is best to have with Dr Reilly. Further information is provided under the appointments tab for Post Op consultations.